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If you’re seeking a premier hotel in Thessaloniki’s centre, port and seaside, Daios Luxury Living is your best choice thanks to its enviable location, fine range of accommodation and luxury dining. Just 12km from Thessaloniki International Airport and a breath away from the city’s landmark, the White Tower, this Thessaloniki city centre hotel introduces a new era in luxury living right on the waterfront of the Thermaic Gulf. Get ready to explore this remarkable metropolis in northern Greece while staying at one of the city’s most remarkable hotels!

Thessaloniki City Centre Hotel

Daios Luxury Living’s location allows for quick and easy access to the city’s most incredible venues, sites and attractions, whether visiting for business or pleasure. Business needs are met thanks to the hotel’s proximity to Thessaloniki’s city centre, the Helexpo Exhibition Centre and Thessaloniki’s port. Thessaloniki’s cultural and entertainment hub, Aristotelous Square, and the premier shopping areas of Koromila, Mitropoleos and Tsimiski streets are also just a short walk away. You can make the most of the city by car using your Daios Luxury Living map and park in our underground garage facilities. Discover this dazzling urban treasure on foot while enjoying your luxury stay in Thessaloniki at one of the most chic and stylish waterfront hotels.


Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia” 12km
Thessaloniki Port 800m
Helexpo Exhibition Centre 300m
White Tower Museum 200m
Archeological Museum 200m
Byzantine Museum 700m
Aristotelous Square 500m
Ancient Market 1km
Ancient sites of Pella 45km.
Ancient sites of Vergina 60km
Monasteries of Agio Oros 120 km
Peninsula of Halkidiki 70-90 km

  • Daios Hotel
    • Daios Luxury Living

      Daios Luxury Living

      A Luxury Boutique Hotel in the centre of Thessaloniki

      Daios Luxury Living is a supreme boutique hotel. Located right in the seafront of the city of Thessaloniki, it restates the notion of fine, luxury accommodation. It’s amazing location and remarkable sea view, makes it resemble to an ocean liner just about to depart for a magic journey.

  • Directions
    • Makedonia Airport

      Makedonia Airport

    • Thessaloniki port

      Thessaloniki port

    • Peninsula of Chalkidiki

      Peninsula of Chalkidiki

    • Aristotelous Square

      Aristotelous Square

    • Thessaloniki Helexpo Exhibition Center

      Thessaloniki Helexpo Exhibition Center

  • Attractions
    • Dion


      Ancient Dion is situated on the eastern foothills of Mt. Olympus, 83 km from the city. The ancient city, a former retreat of Alexander the Great, was later lost to dense vegetation until the excavations began in 1928. A museum on the site allows visitors to discover artifacts from the excavations.

    • Stagira


      The birthplace of Aristotle, Stagira is located 73 km from Thessaloniki. The town was destroyed by Phillip II to be rebuilt by Alexander the Great in honour of his tutor.

    • The Holy Mountain of Athos

      The Holy Mountain of Athos

      Considered as one of the most important sites in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Holy Mountain of Athos located on the Athos peninsula, is an isolated community of twenty self-governed monasteries, each equally significant in terms of national, historical, religious and cultural value. The so called “avaton” does not allow women’s entry in Agion Oros thereforewomen can arrange a cruise along the autonomous monastic state and experience the spiritual realm.

    • Petralona


      Located 54 km from Thessaloniki, the Petralona cave was discovered in 1959 together with the fossil skull which came to be known as the Archanthropus of Petralona. A paleontological museum can also be seen at the entrance of the cave.

    • Vergina – Aeges

      Vergina – Aeges

      Located 50 km from Thessaloniki, Vergina, near the ancient city of Aeges, was once the capital of the ancient Macedonian kingdom. During excavations in the area, the tomb of Phillip II, the father of Alexander the Great was discovered making Vergina a site of great historical significance. In 1996, UNESCO included the archaeological site of Aeges in its list of World Heritage Monuments.

    • Pella


      Pella flourished in the second half of the 4th century, the 3rd and the 2nd centuries BC before falling to the Romans in 168-7 BC and being destroyed by an earthquake, possibly in the first decade of the 1st century BC. Houses with mosaic floors and parts of the palace and market, sanctuaries and graveyards of this ancient city were brought into surface during a series of excavations. Findings from the excavations are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Pella.

    • Monasteries of Agio Oros

      Monasteries of Agio Oros

    • Ancient sites of Vergina

      Ancient sites of Vergina

    • Ancient sites of Pella

      Ancient sites of Pella

    • Ancient Market

      Ancient Market

    • Museum of Byzantine Culture

      Museum of Byzantine Culture

    • Archeological Museum

      Archeological Museum

    • White Tower Museum

      White Tower Museum


Agiou Pavlou Holy Monastery
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A glass of coctail with orange colours at Daios Bar Restaurant