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Insightful Thessaloniki City Guide

Dating back to the mists of time the history and culture of Thessaloniki are still echoing against the backdrop of the Thermaikos Gulf. From the White Tower, the Arch of Galerius and Rotunda to the church of Agios Dimitrios and the lively Aristotelous square, the city of Thessaloniki offers an amazing breadth of attractions and sights to see along with a wide range of guided Thessaloniki tours in order to engage and entertain its visitors. This insightful Thessaloniki city guide aims to reveal the answers on what to do in Thessaloniki as a guest.

 Exciting Things to Do in Thessaloniki

Aspiring to engage its visitors with the grand history of Thessaloniki as well as with the rich Thessaloniki culture Daios Luxury Living has put together a comprehensive Thessaloniki guide including a list of Thessaloniki sightseeing attractions, tips and suggestions for the renowned nightlife of Thessaloniki, information about the Festival of Thessaloniki as well as many other choices of entertainment within the city. Visitors are welcome to arrange their indulging escape in a fine hotel accommodation in Thessaloniki, enjoy the vibrant Thessaloniki nightlife, attend the Thessaloniki film festival and embark on a thrilling Thessaloniki tour to explore the city’s treasured wonders.

 Thessaloniki – The History:

Rich and varied Thessaloniki’s history has evolved through the centuries beginning its journey in approximately 315BC, coinciding with the beginning of the Hellenistic era. In the 2nd century BCthe city fell under Roman rule and in 1432, Thessaloniki was conquered by the Ottomans who ruled for roughly five centuries thus also contributing to its multicultural and cosmopolitan character. Thessaloniki was incorporated into the Greek state in 1912.

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