As a city of culture, Thessaloniki is well known for its many festivals taking place throughout the year, the most important of which include the following:


The “Dimitria” festival began in 1965 and is an annual festival celebrated in autumn. Hosted in most of the city’s cultural sites, the festival features more than 100 musical and theatrical shows, exhibitions, conferences and meetings.

Film Festival

The Thessaloniki Film Festival was inaugurated in 1960. Since that time, the latest masterpieces of cinematography have made their appearances on the big screens of Thessaloniki during the annual celebration for an entire week in November. With an emphasis on avant-garde independent films from around the world, the festival also organises other cultural events throughout the year. Other art festivals taking place in Thessaloniki include the Documentary Film Festival held every March, and the Biennale of Contemporary Art, which includes a variety of exhibitions and artistic events.